fan tan

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fan tan,

card game for three to eight players using a regular deck. All cards are dealt after each player antes (pays) one chip into a pool. Play rotates to the left and if a player cannot play a card he must ante into the pool. Sevens must be played first. These are set (or foundation) cards, and sequences up to the king or down to the ace are formed. Play ends when any player gets rid of the last card in his hand.
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'Fan Tan' tells the story of an overweight pirate who saves the life of a Chinese man while serving a jail sentence in Hong Kong in the 1920s, reports the BBC.
As noted, both Salonga and Llana are excellent vocalists, as is Allen, who cuts a stylish figure in her flashy, fleshy production numbers, "I Enjoy Being a Girl" and "Fan Tan Fannie." The new orchestrations by Don Sebesky make up for reduced orchestral resources by putting more emphasis on Asian flavorings in several songs.
Numbers: "You Are Beautiful," "A Hundred Million Miracles," "I Enjoy Being a Girl," "I Am Going to Like It Here," "Like a God," "Chop Suey," "Don't Marry Me," "Grant Avenue," "Love Look Away," "Fan Tan Fannie," "Gliding Through My Memoree," "The Other Generation," "Sunday," "Wedding Parade."
LAHORE -- The Fan Tan Cup, a handicap race for class VI horses features a six-event card drawn for the eighth Lahore Winter Meeting at the Racecourse here on Sunday.
Er eu bod yn disgwyl llond trol o ``grwpis'', yn amlach na pheidio, yn ol Dewi, ``bydde Charlie (y drymiwr) a finne'n eistedd yn nghefn y fan tan y deuai plismon atom a dweud ``Right, come on boys.
Musical numbers: "A Hundred Million Miracles," "I Am Going to Like It Here," "I Enjoy Being a Girl," "You Are Beautiful," "Grant Avenue," "Fan Tan Fannie," "Gliding Through My Memoree," "The Next Time It Happens," "Chop Suey," "My Best Love," "Don't Marry Me," "Love Look Away," "Like a God."