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floor area ratio

The ratio of the total floor area of a building (excluding areas such as mechanical rooms or the areas of floors used exclusively for mechanical equipment) to the area of the lot on which the building is built.
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Astronomers continue to study galaxies and other cosmological structures in the farthest reaches of the universe in order to gain a better understanding of how the universe looked during its early days and how it eventually came to be the way it is now. 
Results may vary, but according to physics principles, the marshmallow should fly farthest when the launcher's end is 20 cm off the floor.
The record for the farthest distance bounced in 24 hours is currently held by American James Roumeliotis, who covered 23.22 miles in 14hrs 32mins in 2011.
Thus, they all have a closest and a farthest point from the sun, a perihelion and an aphelion.
"Turkish education volunteers open major institutions, train young people and build bridges of friendship in the farthest countries that are difficult to find on the map," Arinc said.
The Farthest Shore optimistically considers the opportunities and advantages that outer space may hold for us in the future.
According to the report, rural areas lag farthest behind, while Richmond achieved the highest recycling rate at 44.6 percent.
Memoirs and retirements are the farthest things from their minds at the moment.
The photograph is not of a typhoon proper, but of the smaller thunderheads at the farthest edge of an advancing system.
To receive this honor from such a field of professionals is beyond my farthest expectation.
Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU), a stock that had probably fallen the farthest out of all of Lewis' selections, exploded back to profitability, posting a whopping 181.10% gain, going from $1.64 to $4.61.