fascia board

eaves fascia

eaves fascia
A board that is nailed vertically at the ends of roof rafters; sometimes supports a gutter; also called a fascia board.
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Display of two fascia board signs at 78-90 Glasgow Street, Dumfries - granted.
"There was damage to the fascia board on the outside of the property and the patio doors of the house.
Display of new fascia sign/logo on existing fascia board and installation of linear sign light above proposed fascia sign/ logo, installation of hanging sign and internally illuminated menu box.
Without gutters, rain water could make the wooden fascia board susceptible to rot if it comes into contact with it, says Mr John Wainaina, a construction manager with In House Ideas Ltd.Additionally, while wooden fascia board could rot, homes with plastic facial board could lose their aesthetic appeal as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fascia boards tend to discolour with time when rained on.
Louise Simons, by email AI'D USE a fascia board and cut it to size and sand the edges so it's smooth.
One time a fascia board worked itself loose and no one noticed, until a raccoon woke me up at 2 am attempting to occupy the crawlspace created by the separated fascia.
The easiest solution is to raise the fascia board so the top is flush with the top of the decking (Photo A).
On the left, the fascia board of GH Smith''s nut and bolt emporium survived certainly till the end of the 20th century, and, in 2008 at least, the firm was still occupying the premises, albeit much reduced in height.
And a kissing couple, a driver with his arm in a sling and a moped rider "holding a fascia board" were among those caught by Devon & Cornwall police last year.
5 Make a 300mm square table with fascia board or tongue and grove flooring.
The fascia board at the premises is unchanged from the previous ownership.
First, we install a pre-primed 1 x l0 fascia board with a 2-inch gap at the top edge between it and the finished soffit.