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In fact, they're the veritable 'fat boy' of airline seats and really, really comfortable -- so much so that I did, in fact, spend most of my recent journey to Los Angeles, US, fast asleep tucked up in a fleecy blanket with a soft, fluffy pillow under my head.
With a 14 hour time difference between Beijing and US Central Time, most of the events at the Olympics will be held while US citizens are fast asleep.
95) asks what a non-sleepy child's to do when the sheep she counts are already fast asleep.
After we've eaten, I get tired and like to go bed with her at my side - but she stays up writing letters, and by the time she comes to bed I'm fast asleep.
While Renaissance artists frequently depict Ariadne bewailing her abandonment by Theseus on the island of Naxos, Giorgia de Chirico shows the princess fast asleep, just before Bacchus wings in on his chariot to rescue her.
Cancel all meetings after this one; you'll be fast asleep.
Let's all rest, To recover from our play; Off to bed, then fast asleep, Until another day.
Ilana Apelker was fast asleep in a "shelter" in her mom's bedroom closet when Hurricane Andrew struck on August 24, 1992.
He does, along the sea road with its stopped ship fast asleep.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on July 11 that a man who likes to sleep in the nude was fast asleep with his wife when he saw what looked like light from a flashlight moving around outside his bedroom door.

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