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This is expected to go up to 7,280 MW after the completion of six projects under implementation, including the 500-MW fast-breeder reactor at Kalpakkam.
Japan aims to put fast-breeder reactors into commercial use around 2050.
TOKYO - Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Monday called for a study to look into the future of the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor as part of the government's review of national energy policy in the wake of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.
In the 1990s, Germany abandoned its policy of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel and canceled its fast-breeder reactor project.
TSURUGA, Japan - Part of the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor halted last weekend due to human error, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency said late Friday on the heels of an effective ban on restarting the reactor due to the operator's deteriorating safety culture.
The central government gave the green light to the MOX plan in February 1997 as a stopgap measure to utilize Japan's plutonium supply, after a 1995 leakage accident at the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor, located in Fukui Prefecture, effectively stalled a plan to establish a nuclear fuel cycle.
The Nuclear Regulation Authority on Thursday issued an order that effectively prohibits the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor from restarting until the operator improves its safety management system.
In the plan, scheduled to last five years starting fiscal 1998, which ends March 31, the agency and the governmental Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute will help Russia burn the plutonium using the institute's fast-breeder reactor. The institute and two Russian laboratories will cooperate in producing uranium-plutonium mix oxide fuel to be used in the disposal operations.
The Nuclear Regulation Authority on Wednesday officially decided to prohibit the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor from being put online, dashing the operator's hopes of restarting the facility by the end of next March.
The Monju fast-breeder reactor, with an output capacity of 280,000 kilowatts, is located in the city of Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, on the Sea of Japan coast.