fat lime

fat lime, rich lime

1. pure lime (or at least 98% pure lime).
2. Lime putty having a good spread; used to fill voids in the finish coat as it is applied and troweled.
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Non Hydraulic Lime / Fat Lime: Hydraulicity is a term showing the extent to which a paste or mortar of lime would set under water (Syed, 1967).
Non hydraulic / fat lime could be obtained by calcinations of nearly pure Lime-stone.
Fat Lime Putty: It was the purest form of non-hydraulic lime (Hansen, 2008).
It was generally believed that the longer the fat lime was soaked, the better it would perform.
Fat lime putty was ideal for plasterwork, lime wash, rendering work and binding masonry.
Therefore finish coat was also called glazed plaster or "puccaqalai." Fat lime cream, six month aged, gave excellent results.
It was also noticed that some experts used white lime, instead of lime putty; whereas fat lime putty was found as essential ingredient for mortar in the conservation works.
Keywords: Kankar Lime, Red Lime, Pozzolan, Fat lime, Relative Humidity, Compressive Strength.
The raw materials used in this study include Fat Lime (air lime), Kankar Lime and surkhi.