fat mix

fat mix, rich mix

A concrete or mortar mixture containing a high ratio of binder to aggregate, thus providing better spread and workability.
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The Full Fat Mix tape CD provides an outlet for young groups such as Kutosis, Screen beats and Toy Horse to air their music.
A ramble around the Fat Mix Bar, the venue for the University of Wolverhampton's freshers fair la st week, was dominated by some of the leading high street players.
The Full Fat Mix Tape CD will be available at selected independent shops and bars across Cardiff, including Buffalo Bar and Spillers Records.
Diesel car drivers will be able to choose the chippie fat mix from next year, when the plant is upand running.
Activia No Added Sugar 0% Fat Mixed Red Fruits Yogurt (8x120g), Sainsbury's.
He recommended lipectomy, which he said was better than liposuction, a procedure akin to a vacuum cleaner extracting the fat mixed with blood vessels.
It was a typical operation tor NAVSUP FLC Puget Sound fuel personnel and USS Rainier's crew, but this time the ship's liquid cargo was composed of an alternative blend consisting of 10 percent biofuel manufactured from animal fat mixed with standard petroleum based fuel.
From the looks of things it must have been chicken fat mixed with cyanide," said the dog owner.
The ideal human diet is rich in plant-based carbohydrates with some animal protein and a lesser amount of fat mixed in.
Cream consists of little globules of fat mixed in water.