fat spot

fat spot, fat area

A thick place in bituminous paving.
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He believes that each fat spot - whether it's stomach fat, bra-bulge, big thighs and bottom fat or bingo wings - is caused by the action or inaction of a specific hormone.
This begins with a week-long detox to kick-start your healthy habits, followed by one of six six-week programmes specifically designed to shift your fat spot. Each specific programme encourages you to eat the right foods, take the right supplements and do the right exercise.
Remember, there is no such thing as fat spot reduction with exercise (getting rid of fat in a certain area).
And Max should know -for the past 25 years he's been running a successful fat spot reduction programme at his London clinic - frequented by the rich, the famous and a few royals to boot.
banish those stubborn fat spots Her granddad Harold Daw, who she was very close to, died aged 66 and medics believe the shock caused her to start stammering.
Call it what you like- orange peel, cottage cheese or fat spots, cellulite can strike at any age and make any body type its victim.
Target Your Fat Spots: Get Your Body In Shape by Max Tomlinson (Quadrille, Jan 3, pounds 12.99).
Specific areas of weight gain, including bingo wings and love handles, are tackled by health guru and nutritionist Max Tomlinson in Target Your Fat Spots: Get Your Body In Shape (Quadrille, pounds 12.99).
For instance, she wonders whether the researchers can rule out other possible traumas as the cause of the fat spots.
Most women have hard-toshift fat spots that they'd love to lose.
11Eat like a bloke Not pies and beer, but nutritionist Max Tomlinson author of Target Your Fat Spots, (Quadrille), says: "Weight on your arms is a sign that you're lacking in testosterone." A diet rich in B vitamins, found in wholegrains cereals and nuts, should fix that.