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The fatwah specifies he should receive 56 lashes and then be stoned if he was not dead by that stage.
See, for example, the fatwah of Osama Bin Laden issued after September 11, 2001 calling on Muslims to kill Americans around the world.
And indeed, the study of so-called peripheral literature testifies to the force of culture as difference, not only for contemporary readers of it, but also in terms of its very production (often under the most trying of circumstances, from the furtiveness imposed on Jane Austen's writing by her household to the fatwah against Salman Rushdie and every imaginable kind of harassment in-between).
For example, the chapter on religion and women's human rights recommends that "proposing a fatwah should be an illegal act" (SSJ, 112) This seems to assume that a fatwah is a call to violence; otherwise, there would be no liberal justification for declaring fatwahs illegal.
Usama bin Laden preaching a Fatwah to his similarly deluded followers.
ISLAM, Muslim, Taliban, Jihad, Fatwah - the terms and classifications are flowing fast from a media that assumes an awful lot.
The last thing I want is a Fatwah (religious decree to kill) on my head.
Nasrin also suffered a fatwah in Bangladesh, but fortunately she was able to escape to Sweden.
Now that the Iranian government has disowned the mercenary and murderous elements of the Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwah against Salman Rushdie (leaving only the hysterical denunciation of his novel to stand, as the mother of all bad reviews), there is an occasion to celebrate a huge moral victory.
Rushdie offended Muslim communities in Britain and worldwide by his book The Satanic Verses and a fatwah, or death sentence, was issued against him.
As it happens, no mailroom girls have been injured in the course of eight years' defiance of the fatwah.
It's important to say that the fatwah is not theoretical because it is actually being carried out.