fault isolation

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fault isolation

Determining the cause of a problem. Also known as "fault diagnosis," the term may refer to hardware or software, but always deals with methods that can isolate the component, device or software module causing the error. Fault isolation may be part of hardware design at the circuit level all the way up to the complete system. It is accomplished by building in test circuits and/or by dividing operations into multiple regions or components that can be monitored separately. After fault isolation is accomplished, parts can be replaced manually or automatically (see fault tolerant).

Fault Isolation vs. Fault Detection
Although the terms "fault isolation" and "fault detection" are sometimes used synonymously, fault detection means determining that a problem has occurred, whereas fault isolation pinpoints the exact cause and location.

Built Into Normal Operation
Software can also be created and run with fault isolation in mind. Many techniques can be used. For example, program modules can be run in different address spaces to achieve separation. In addition, generating intermediate output that can be examined as well as recording operational steps in a log are ways to assist the troubleshooter to manually determine which routine caused the application to stop working or stop working properly.

In a network, intelligent agents can be placed in various nodes that continuously collect traffic statistics that are analyzed in real time to detect and pinpoint the fault. See fault detection.
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Furthermore, if the fault that occurs on the monitored sensors is just a small glitch, such as a small drift which may not be detected by [T.sup.2] and Q statistics, these two fault isolation indexes will also be beneficial both in the detection and in the isolation of this small fault.
Gain Interval Filter Formulation and Fault Isolation. In order to achieve process FDD, healthy measurements are fed to p banks of extended parameter interval filters developed as in [4] to generate p banks of residuals.
Taking the strong background disturbance mixed into the sensor measurements into account, this work has reported the new feature extraction and fault isolation strategy for HVDC systems.
Results are detailed (1) for the fault detection with thresholds (according to the evaluation of residual .R0); (2) for the fault isolation with thresholds (according to the evaluation of residuals [R.sub.0] to [R.sub.19]); (3) for the fault detection and isolation with probability and confidence factor computation (according to the evaluation of residuals [R.sub.0] to [R.sub.19]).
Therefore, the protection logic in paper [22]was used in this paper: for any faulty component of a feeder, only its nearest surrounding breaker/isolator switch will act for fault isolation.
Most of the redundancy necessary for business resilience, fault isolation and disaster recovery is built into the zEnterprise server family and the z/VM hypervisor.
Network Telemetry - a new model for faster troubleshooting from fault detection to fault isolation. Streams data about network state, including both underlay and overlay network statistics, to applications from Splunk, ExtraHop, Corvil and Riverbed.
It will also warn the user of voltages on cables, blink network hubs for visual cable tracing, and generate four unique tones to make fault isolation easier.
The service features in-band management for reachability of the CPE router for real-time health status checks, faster fault isolation, IOS and patches updates, as well as comprehensive reporting requirements accessible through Etisalat's secured web portal and the partnership with leading globally operating partners and service integrators.

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