fault tolerant

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fault tolerant

fault tolerant

The ability to continue non-stop when a hardware failure occurs. A fault-tolerant system is designed from the ground up for reliability by building multiples of all critical components, such as CPUs, memories, disks and power supplies into the same computer. In the event one component fails, another takes over without skipping a beat.

Tandem and Stratus were the first two manufacturers that were dedicated to building fault-tolerant computer systems for the transaction processing (OLTP) market.

High Availability
Many systems are designed to recover from a failure by detecting the failed component and switching to another computer system. These systems, although sometimes called fault tolerant, are more widely known as "high availability" systems, requiring that the software resubmits the job when the second system is available.

Redundant Hardware
True fault tolerant systems with redundant hardware are the most costly because the additional components add to the overall system cost. However, fault tolerant systems provide the same processing capacity after a failure as before, whereas high availability systems often provide reduced capacity. See fault management.

A RAID Array
This RAID II prototype in 1992, which embodies principles of high performance and fault tolerance, was designed and built by University of Berkeley graduate students. Housing 36 320MB disk drives, its total storage was less than the disk drive in the cheapest PC only six years later. (Image courtesy of The Computer History Museum, www.computerhistory.org) See RAID.

Redundancy is the hallmark of fault tolerant systems. This storage server from Xtore Extreme Storage (www.xtore-es.com) contains multiple, hot-swappable power supplies to ensure continued operation.
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Larry Sheffield, senior vice president of the Solutions Platform Group for NEC Solutions America believes that a Linux-based fault tolerant server solution is critical for organizations looking to maximize system uptime.
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The Express5800/320La employs 24 x7 fault tolerant technology licensed from Stratus Technologies inside a unique NEC design that allows all processing and input/output (I/O) commands to run on redundant subsystems in lockstep.
All of NEC's new fault tolerant servers are based on fault tolerant technology licensed from Stratus Technologies.
Fault tolerant servers, with their nonstop operational characteristics, are designed to reduce the amount of system downtime to approximately five minutes or less per year, ensuring business continuity for mission critical business operations.
NEC is excited to offer its financial services customers innovative fault tolerant server technology," said Larry Sheffield, executive vice president of the Solutions Platform Group for NEC Solutions America.
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