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a genus of plants of the family Gramineae. They are primarily perennial herbs with narrow linear and bristle-like blades, which are generally folded lengthwise. The solitary spike-lets are not numerous and are gathered in lax or, less frequently, compressed panicles. There are two lemmas; the inferior flowering glume is hard, with a long awn. There are approximately 300 species, distributed in the temperate, subtropical, and tropical zones of both hemispheres. Many species form the basic elements of the grass cover of steppes, prairies, and pampas; they also grow in meadows that have become steppe and on dry slopes and cliffs. In the USSR there are approximately 80 species, primarily in the central and southern regions of the European USSR, the Caucasus, Middle Asia, and Southern Siberia. Some of the most common species are Stipa lessingiana, feather grass (S. pennata), S. pulcherrima, S. zalesskii, and S. capillata. Many are valuable fodder plants, especially S. lessingiana. Esparto grass (S. tenacissima), which grows in the Mediterranean Region, provides raw material for the paper industry.


Kormovye rasteniia senokosov i pastbishch SSSR, vol. 1. Edited by I. V. Larin. Moscow-Leningrad, 1950.


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(6) GRASSES Blond Mexican feather grass dances in breezes.
THE seed heads of feather grass, Stipa Tenuissim, can be dried for indoor arrangements or left to provide a feast for seed-eating birds such as finches.
Baby's tears grow below and Mexican feather grass in back.
Feather grass or Stipa tenuissima is one of the most graceful.
Framed with wispy Mexican feather grass and thyme and facing a firepit, this seat is set into a low wall of stacked fieldstones that hold back a small slope.
Most require less water, too, as with the Mexican feather grass in Bob Hurlbett and Sara Weber's front yard in Santa Barbara.
Tall yellow 'Moonshine' yarrow, Mexican feather grass, and sedge are planted in large sweeps across the front yard.
The Cole-Perez garden was too small for a majestic giant like Miscanthus, but not for modest-size red fountain grass or Mexican feather grass (Nassella tenuissima), which adds to the garden in late summer.
Feathery purple fountain grass adds depth to a planting of golden Mexican feather grass and lavender.
Growing below them are Phormium, kangaroo paws, variegated Miscanthus sinensis condensatus, Mexican feather grass, and Yushania maling, a delicate clumping bamboo.