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1. of or relating to a form of government or a country in which power is divided between one central and several regional governments
2. of or relating to a treaty between provinces, states, etc., that establishes a political unit in which power is so divided
3. of or relating to the central government of a federation
4. (of a university) comprised of relatively independent colleges
5. a supporter of federal union or federation


1. characteristic of or supporting the Union government during the American Civil War
2. a supporter of the Union government during the American Civil War
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Tremendous advances in federal accounting and financial reporting are in process.
Tax Executives Institute supports the adoption of uniform procedures among the States for reporting federal income tax changes.
Defense spending rose dramatically, and when other programs could not be cut enough to offset that spending (and taxes were lowered), the result was a huge federal deficit.
The notes, which are authorized pursuant to state statute, are payable from all legally available federal transportation funds.
The We the People textbook (the only textbook directly sanctioned and funded by federal law) mentions the Second Amendment exactly zero times.
However, opinion polls and the recent cliffhanger vote on renewal of the Patriot Act suggest that the American public may now be less willing to uncritically accept expanded federal police powers than they were when still reeling from the effects of 9/11.
Like many operations in the metals business, The Federal Metal Co.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on September 20, 2005, the issuance of a final decision and order of prohibition against Brian Bonetti, a former employee of National City Bank, Cleveland, Ohio.
The Raich case involved a valiant legal gambit by two California patients, Angel Raich and Diane Monson, to prevent federal law-enforcement officials from seizing their herbal medicine and arresting them for violating federal drug laws.
Until the Federal government follows the lead of these states, the compliance gymnastics described below will persist.
Instead he was indicted last fall on three federal charges derived from the alleged bribery: conspiring with the coaches; aiding and abetting travel across state lines "with the intent to further unlawful activity"; and trying to conceal the alleged payments by withdrawing the money in amounts of less than $10,000, the threshold for a currency transaction report to the Internal Revenue Service.

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