feed barn

Yankee barn

A steeply pitched, timber-framed, side-gabled wood barn of post-and-lintel construction, often with a gambrel roof; usually having no forebay; typically built against a hillside with animals housed at ground level on the lower side adjacent to the barn; similar to a bank barn.
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First she went to the end of her own street and then across a pair of hay scales set in the ground before a feed barn and into Trunion Pike.
Live, from a barn: Toby's Feed Barn (1125o State l; 415/663-1223) is part dusty ranching-supply store (yes) you can buy hay), part yoga studio, part art gallery/gift shop, and the true heart of town.
Simple things in these conditions are big wins and the Red Mills lorry also gets through to fill up the feed barn. We have plenty of bedding and hay and all the other essentials, but we really did need that feed.
"There is also a separate feed barn which stocks horse feed and will be expanded in the next few weeks to incorporate pet food and accessories.
The blaze broke out in an animal feed barn in Cockley Hill Lane at 9.30pm on Friday.
Now it takes more than an hour if you're lucky.) In the winter you would first greet Grandmom, then cut wood and take it to the house, and then feed barn animals.
Held at Toby's Feed Barn, the local farmers' market is sponsored in part by Marin Organic, a visionary group that wants to make Marin the first completely organically farmed county in the nation.
After dinner, gifts are exchanged and it is tradition to give the family pet a special treat - in the past, the head of the household would feed barn animals a treat of leftovers, as Polish folklore says animals can speak in human voices on Christmas Eve.
Toby's Feed Barn. WHAT: Point Reyes landmark that has everything from bird feeders to local art.
Even Toby's Feed Barn has a gallery, and saddle shop Cabaline greets the street, in classic Western fashion, with the life-size synthetic head of a horse emerging dazedly through the front wall.