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(Free and Eventually Eulisp) An initial implementation of an EuLisp interpreter by Pete Broadbery <pab@maths.bath.ac.uk>. Version 0.75 features an integrated object system, modules, parallelism, interfaces to PVM library, TCP/IP sockets, futures, Linda and CSP. Portable to most Unix systems. Can use shared memory and threads if available.



An expression used to describe a pilot's reaction when using an aircraft control. If the control is power operated or power assisted, an artificial feel is usually put on the control stick to give the pilot a correct impression of the effect of movement of the controls. The term also refers to the method by which a pilot gets an aircraft heading, altitude, and air speed he or she wants from the aircraft. The pilot may do this by “the seat of the pants”; from aircraft's instruments; or finally, from the airframe vibration or engine noise. It is a subjective assessment of the aircraft's response to flight, using controls, stability, stick forces required, and other factors that may influence the pilot's opinion.
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All these young singers have the talent and have the passion for their profession, but I feel age is never a hindrance to success," Bhosle said.
At 39, she confesses: "I could feel age creeping up on me.
In this context, feel age often tends to be younger than actual age (Gassmann and Reepmeyer, 2006; Reader's Digest Deutschland, 2006; Jaeggi, 2006; Peterz, 2003).