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Zoology an organ in certain animals, such as an antenna or tentacle, that is sensitive to touch
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(or feeler gauge), a gauge that is used to inspect gaps between surfaces. A feeler is a thin strip with a specified thickness in the range from 0.02 to 1 mm. Feelers are usually manufac-

Figure 1. Feelers in a case

tured as sets of strips of various thicknesses housed in a single case (Figure 1). The strips may be used individually or in various combinations.

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You can then bend your wires into shape to look like legs and feelers. Add beads for extra detail if you wish.
The Myers-Briggs information was divided into the following categories: SP (sensate perceiving), SJ (sensate judging), NT (intuitive thinker); and NF (intuitive feeler).
Introverts Feelers Intuitive Sensing Intuitive Sensing Feelers Feelers Thinkers Thinkers (NF) (SF) (NT) (ST) 68% 66% 41% 25% 18% 16% These results are quite different from other studies.
Feelers are most concerned with the impact the decision will have on people.
He said he already sent 'feelers' to the communist rebels, who, according to him, were 'extremely glad' of the President's move.
If the feeler gauge can .t between the riveted components and contact the rivet for the entire length of the inspection area (at each rivet, in other words), the receiver is condemned.
The Feeler purchase included two Feeler FTC-20 turning centers, one of which replaced an older machine, and a Feeler FV-760 vertical machining center.
One of the thugs allegedly hacked to death, according a feeler, was dragged from his house to Oke Ado area where he was said to have been killed.
The Feeler VM Series is useful in ultra-close tolerance precision mold work, as well as mixed volume, short run operations, or, at the other end of the production scale, dedicated high-volume applications.
One sensor--a "floor feeler'--measures the angle between the ankle-height pivot link and the floor.
Within the past three years, Control Turning purchased three Feeler Machine Tools from GBI Cincinnati, Inc., Cincinnati: a FV-760 CNC vertical machining center and two FTC-20 CNC turning centers.