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Zoology an organ in certain animals, such as an antenna or tentacle, that is sensitive to touch



(or feeler gauge), a gauge that is used to inspect gaps between surfaces. A feeler is a thin strip with a specified thickness in the range from 0.02 to 1 mm. Feelers are usually manufac-

Figure 1. Feelers in a case

tured as sets of strips of various thicknesses housed in a single case (Figure 1). The strips may be used individually or in various combinations.

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Keirsey and Bates researched results from the Myers-Briggs inventory and determined that certain classifications could be made: sensate perceiving (SP), sensate judging (SJ), intuitive thinker (NT), and intuitive feeler (NF).
Looking for a more international cross-section, ICSU has put out feelers in Latin America, Africa, the Far East, and elsewhere.
What I wanted was about this big,"--Mutter held her hands about a foot apart--"and has little feelers, you might say, sticking out up here.
Introverts Feelers Intuitive Sensing Intuitive Sensing Feelers Feelers Thinkers Thinkers (NF) (SF) (NT) (ST) 68% 66% 41% 25% 18% 16%
Long before anyone measured IQ, analyzed us with Myers-Briggs, or slotted our personality types on the Enneagram, Jesus embraced the whole lot--introverts and extroverts, sensates and intuitives, thinkers and feelers, crusaders and artists--the whole kit and caboodle.
Feelers are most concerned with the impact the decision will have on people.
Or maybe you'd be turned off by other features of the adult: wings (possibly one or two pair); legs (six in all); and antennae (those constantly moving feelers sprouting from the head).
If any of the feelers that have been put out leads to a deal this will take place during the first quarter of 2008.
During the first quarter may feelers na lumapit sakin (I received some feelers), then I validated it hindi siya (and found out he was not) sincere,' Joint Task Force Sulu commander Brig.
This leaves him weaker and he may put out trade feelers to a wary South Korea.