feijoa sellowiana

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pineapple guava

pineapple guava

Looks like a cross between an avocado and a green lumpy chicken egg. The flavor is sweet and tropical, like a papaya melony thing. Juicy flesh divided into clear gelatinous gooey seed pulp. Flesh is firmer and slightly gritty closer to the skin. Can be eaten with a spoon. Great in smoothies. Sweet cinnamon-tasting flowers also edible.
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Feijoa sellowiana Berg fruit juice: anti-inflammatory effect and activity on superoxide anion generation.
Feijoa sellowiana (Berg) of Myrtaceae family is commercially cultivated as a fruit tree.
con Feijoa sellowiana (dos Santos et al, 2007) y con Eugenia dysenteria (Zucchi et al, 2003), respectivamente.
Morfologia floral da goiabeira serrana (Feijoa sellowiana) e suas implicacoes da polinizacao.
Also known as Feijoa sellowiana, pineapple guava is native to South America.
Dentre as fruteiras nativas com aptidao para a exploracao comercial no Sul do Brasil, destacase a goiabeira-serrana [Acca sellowiana (Berg.) Burret, sinonimo Feijoa sellowiana Berg], tambem conhecida como guayabo verde ou guayabo del pais no Uruguai e, na lingua inglesa, como feijoa ou pineapple-guava (SANTOS et al., 2011).
Salles (1996) reporto el efecto de la rigidez de la cascara del fruto en el nivel de parasitismo de la mosca de la fruta encontrado en Feijoa sellowiana O.
But the native Brazilian plant (Feijoa sellowiana) is actually a very hardy (12| to 115|) subtropical evergreen shrub or small tree that's at home both on the coast and in the desert.