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Higher incidence of bone stress injury with increasing female athlete triad risk factors: A prospective multisite study of exercising girls and women.
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Yi said he is particularly interested in possible associations between the female athlete triad and pelvic floor disorders, and in the pelvic floor consequences of coupling high-impact, high-endurance activity with the potential for a hypoestrogenic state.
One study of 170 female athletes in six Southern California high schools found that 1% met the three criteria for female athlete triad and 6% met two criteria.
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However, highly competitive sport participation has also increased the focus on body image and body weight, resulting in an increased incidence of the female athlete triad.
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The female athlete triad: Is the triad a problem among division I female athletes?
"The female athlete triad is unfortunately very common ha the dance world, and this can give you issues--not just when you are a teenager, but for the rest of your life," he said.
SEATTLE -- Education and the collaborative efforts of a team of professionals are important for preventing the female athlete triad, according to Sharon H.
The new program uses two interventions--a cognitive dissonance-based intervention and a healthy-weight intervention--that have been modified specifically for female athletes to cover topics such as sport-related body ideals and the female athlete triad. The former intervention focuses on rejecting thin ideals, whereas the latter focuses on embracing the healthy ideal, Dr.