female genital mutilation

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female genital mutilation:

see circumcisioncircumcision
, operation to remove the foreskin covering the glans of the penis. It dates back to prehistoric times and was widespread throughout the Middle East as a religious rite before it was introduced among the Hebrews.
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The Health Passport's use of the term "female genital mutilation" could alienate the target audience.
According to Terry and Harris (2013), the World Health Organization (WHO) defined FGM, female genital mutilation, by the severity of the procedure which ranged from a very small laceration of the genitalia to completely removing the entire section of the genitals of a female.
What makes the Uganda case particularly interesting is that the clan elders, who formed the Elders Association in 1992, decided to outlaw female genital mutilation and promoted the new rite to replace it.
(Jalali was quoted by Mozaffarian, In the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, 81% of respondents never been to school and only 7% of them had high school level education With the high incidence of female genital mutilation in the percentage of intermediate education, and over 76% were illiterate.
Speaking on the motive for the sensitisation, the founder of the initiative, Olasunkanmi Oso, revealed that the organisation took the step in seeing to the actualization of the sustainable development goals targeted at 2030, adding that he saw the move as appropriate, beneficial and timely to educate the female students on the myth behind the barbaric act of female genital mutilation while exposing them to some of the hazards and effects of the act as well as teaching them to be advocates against the act since they fall within the vulnerable groups.
Speaking on the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, observed each year on February 6, Guterres said, aACoeOn this Day of Zero Tolerance, I call for increased, concerted and global action to end female genital mutilation and fully uphold the human rights of all women and girls.aACA[yen]
From her own tormenting moment, she began a lone-woman campaign in her Kenyan village to discourage the centuries-old practice of what is now considered female genital mutilation by the World Health Organisation (WHO), health professionals and women like Sadia and other activists.
The Member of Parliament for Tain Constituency, Mr Gabriel Osei, says Banda Ahenkro is not part of Tain District or Constituency and that the alleged pressure on a resident of the town to surrender his daughter for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), as reported by The Chronicle yesterday cannot, therefore, be happening in his constituency.
(Thomson Reuters Foundation) -- As many families prepare to holiday abroad during the festive season, British charities on Monday warned that girls taken overseas could be at risk of female genital mutilation.
figure By VIVERE NANDIEMO class="MsoNormalIt is a shame that people ruin the lives of school girls by impregnating them and forcing them to undergo female genital mutilation, Deputy President William Ruto has said.
The majority of cases occur as a complication of female genital mutilation (FGM), which is still a common procedure in many cultures--especially in Africa--on neonates (1-14).
Female genital mutilation includes all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external genitalia for non-medical reasons.