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see foxfox,
carnivorous mammal of the dog family, found throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere. It has a pointed face, short legs, long, thick fur, and a tail about one half to two thirds as long as the head and body, depending on the species.
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(Fennecus zerda), also fennec fox, a predatory mammal of the family Canidae. The body length is about 40 cm, the tail length up to 20 cm, and the weight about 1.5 kg. The ears are broad and long, up to 15 cm in length. The snout is short and pointed. The coloration of the upper parts is sandy-yellow or straw-colored; the underparts are white. The tail is heavily furred, with a black tip. The fennec, which resembles a miniature fox, is distributed in North Africa and on the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas. It lives in burrows. A nocturnal animal, it feeds on small vertebrates; on insects, including locusts; and on fruits, which it obtains sometimes by climbing trees.


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