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reinforced concrete, beton armé, ferroconcrete, steel concrete

Concrete containing reinforcement designed on the assumption that the concrete and reinforcement act together in resisting forces.
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The slabs and columns were of grey simulated ferroconcrete, but given antigravity properties so that every few scene one of the monoliths would rise into the loft.
Investigation of armature of ferroconcrete constructions of accident localization system in the 1st block of Ignalina NPP.
Unlike the early polyester membrane experiments, which attempted to unify the functions of the roof within a single thin, surface, the Menil Collection's roof is separated into a series of layers, each performing a specific role: An upper layer of glass keeps out the weather and tunes the sunlight, via special coatings, to a specific range of wavelengths; open steel trusses span the galleries and support the glass; and, at the lowest level, curvaceous ferroconcrete "leaves" intercept and reflect sunlight indirectly to the space below while also carrying the artificial lights that a contemporary gallery still demands.
Police are also questioning people to determine possible problems in the management of the gunpowder and problems related to the factory's ferroconcrete storage facility which housed a total of 7.7 tons of gunpowder.
Ant Farm's signature space-age escape pad, known as House of the Century, 1971-73, implied the "freezing" of the inflatable form in ferroconcrete, as suggested by the house's rotund dimensions and bubblelike windows.
The ferroconcrete one-level storage facility housed a total of 7.7 tons of gunpowder -- in 100-200 kilogram aluminum containers -- at the time of the explosion, NOF officials said, adding there was nothing wrong during inspections Monday.