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Thermal expansion, which is related to properties such as ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, and pyro-electricity, is one of the basic characteristics of the material important for design of technological devices, revealing the physical nature of phenomena observed in solid solutions, and the crossover from the usual ferroelectric to relaxor behaviour.
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This, in turn, deteriorates the ferroelectric properties.
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Ferroelectric Materials displays the phenomenon of electric polarization in the absence of an external applied electric field.
The ferroelectric materials are used in sensors, actuators, memories, and energy harvesting devices.
"We demonstrated that the ferroelectric state is switchable under an external electrical bias and explain the mechanism for 'metallic ferroelectricity' in WTe2 through a systematic study of the crystal structure, electronic transport measurements and theoretical considerations."
For dice and fill ferroelectric composites, it was shown in the study by Kim et al.