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sculptured or painted architectural or interior ornament consisting of a garland of leaves, flowers, or fruit, or some combination of these, held by ribbons or folds and draped at the ends. When a festoon hangs down from only one end, it is called a drop, but when it hangs from both ends it is termed a swag. The festoon reproduces the actual garland used on Greek and Roman festal altars and was much used as a decorative feature in Roman and Renaissance art. It was often represented as carried by putti, or infant figures.


Hanging clusters of fruit, tied in a bunch with leaves and flowers; used as decoration on pilasters and panels, usually hung between rosettes and skulls of animals.


A festive decoration of pendant semi-loops with attachments and loose ends, esp. a swag of fabric, or representations of such decorations. Also see garland.


1. a decorative chain of flowers, ribbons, etc., suspended in loops; garland
2. a carved or painted representation of this, as in architecture, furniture, or pottery
3. Dentistry
a. the scalloped appearance of the gums where they meet the teeth
b. a design carved on the base material of a denture to simulate this
a. either of two Zerynthia species of white pierid butterfly of southern Europe, typically mottled red, yellow, and brown
b. an ochreous brown moth, Apoda avellana the unusual sluglike larvae of which feed on oak leaves
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Glatfelter operates festooning lines in its Falkenhagen, Germany and Gatineau, Quebec operations.
The company's nonwovens portfolio includes Neumag spunbond, J&M meltblown, M&J airlaid, FOR carding, Fehrer needlepunching and Aerodynamic carding, Autefa crosslapping as well as Kortec festooning technology.
Saurer has acquired a 100% stake in Kortec GmbH, a supplier of festooning machinery for the nonwovens industry.
Duni AB, has finalized plans to install festooning equipment in its Sakapafors plant in Sweden in response to current market demands.
Kortec's Festooning technology emerged out of the project management business and is today a dominant factor in the company's turnover.
In the meantime Kortec has developed different festooning methods and has filed four unique patents for different systems.