fetal cell therapy

fetal cell therapy:

see fetal tissue implantfetal tissue implant
or fetal cell therapy,
implantation of tissue from a fetus into a patient. In experimental procedures, fetal brain tissue has been implanted in the brains of patients with Parkinson's disease so that the fetal tissue will supply chemicals lacking
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Neuroimaging advances, psychopharmaceuticals with enormous potential for clinical use, neural-technological interfaces, brain stimulation technologies, and organic implants such as fetal cell therapy are transforming our ability to understand and intervene in the brain.
These remedies include glutamic acid (Gadson, 195 1); pituitary extract (Goldstein, 1954); fetal cell therapy Griffel, 1957; Schmidt, 1978); 5-hydroxytryptophan (Bazelon, Paine, Cowie, Hunt, Houck, & Manhanad, 1967); and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) Aspillage, Morizon, & Avendano, 1975).
For example, dimethyl sulfoxide (Gabourie, Becker, & Bateman, 1975), fetal cell therapy Black, Kato, & Walker, 1966; Foreman & Ward, 1987), and 5-hydroxytryptophan (Pueschel, Reed, & Cronk, 1984) were all proven ineffective in studies that used control groups, blinded investigators, and standardized assessment measures, methodological features usually absent from the initial reports of treatment advocates.