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see wavewave,
in oceanography, an oscillating movement up and down, of a body of water caused by the frictional drag of the wind, or on a larger scale, by submarine earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.
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, in oceanography.


(computer science)
To locate and load into main memory a requested load module, relocating it as necessary and leaving it in a ready-to-execute condition.
The distance traversed by waves without obstruction.
An area of the sea surface over which seas are generated by a wind having a constant speed and direction.
The length of the fetch area, measured in the direction of the wind in which the seas are generated. Also known as generating area.


a Doppelganger. [Irish Folklore: Leach, 376]
See: Doubles


1. Engineering the reach, stretch, etc., of a mechanism
2. Geography the distance in the direction of the prevailing wind that air or water can travel continuously without obstruction


A Macintosh program by Jim Matthews <Fetch@Dartmouth.edu> for transferring files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Fetch requires a Mac 512KE, System 4.1, and either KSP 1.03 or MacTCP.

Latest version: 2.1.2.

Fetch is Copyright 1992, Trustees of Dartmouth College.

ftp://ftp.Dartmouth.edu/pub/mac/Fetch_2.1.2.sit.hqx. ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/systems/mac/info-mac/comm/tcp.


To locate the next instruction in memory (RAM) for execution by the CPU. See instruction cycle.
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Elmer Borlongan's large-scale diptych 'Senyas' fetched P5.
The entire 88-lot sale of Miss Halliwell's Spice Girl mementoes fetched a total of pounds 146,511.
JOY: Stiles (right) celebrates England's 1966 win SOLD: Nobby Stiles shows off his World Cup winners' medal, which fetched pounds 188,200 yesterday
Last May, Tanavoli's sixfoot-tall bronze sculpture, titled "The Wall (Oh Persepolis)," estimated to sell for $600,000 fetched $2.
A 1968 works-prepared Hillman Hunter rally car entered by JCB fetched just under pounds 27,500, which was almost twice its lower estimate.
A 1935 MG R-Type single-seater racecar fetched a similar amount and a former Jack Brabham 1968 BT31 Grand Prix car raised pounds 103,200, with a 1951 Peirce MG F2 single-seater fetching pounds 53,750.
5-litre Jaguar SS100 fetched more than its estimate at pounds 139,750.
The 34 works consigned from their collection fetched $4,743,200, nearly half of Sotheby's total for the season.
A document from Nems Enterprises, signed in January 1967 by the Beatles and manager Brian Epstein sold for pounds 19,200, and a rare LP cover of the White Album LP cover fetched pounds 9,000 - three times its estimate
His picture Scarborough Bay fetched pounds 89,954, but experts at the Christie's auction house expect that total to be smashed at their auction on June 14.
Over about 9 years, Rico's owners taught him names for a slew of small toys and other items by rewarding him with food or play when he fetched what they asked for.
British bidders lost out to an un-named European buyer, who is believed to be Russian, when the car recently fetched pounds 25,800.