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While Pakistan may have a formal constitutional and democratic structure, the current deep-rooted feudal and tribal dynamics of the country mean that the next general election will be won by a political party which has a lineup of electables with strong patronage links rather than candidates that are better qualified.
I was removed from the Rabta committee due to the feudal system but party workers elected me again,' he said.
Don't look to replace feudal lords with feudal lords [in the general elections].
Nasreen Bibi, a widow told The Nation that her daughter Saba Rani lived at the house of local feudal lord Muhammad Arshad as a housemaid .
They said despite of various protests government and concerned departments were unable to take stern action against Jirga and feudal system in Sindh province.
He said that in this alliance you would not find Wadera, feudal lords and tycoons, who have been looting this country for last 70 years.
In 1587, Christians were ordered expelled from Japan and all Christian feudal lords asked to renounce their faith.
04 ( ANI ): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday took a dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on his unopposed nomination to the post of party chief, saying that such an election was only possible in a feudal setup.
He said that the primary issue of the country was the persistent hold of the feudal lords, capitalists and vaderas on the national politics.
This novel, set in feudal Japan, opens with a son watching the ritual suicide of his father and moves on to the attempted assassination of a young woman on her way to an arranged marriage, signaling a story with plenty of anger, revenge, and adventure.
KANDHKOT -- A senior politician and influential feudal lord belonging to upper Sindh region, Sardar Taj Mohammad Domki, has claimed that he had settled the gang rape case of a 12-year-old maid servant and imposed a fine of Rs1.
Numm is a story of family, love, politics, feudal rituals and customs.