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see FèsFès
or Fez
, Arab. Fas, city (1994 pop. 772,028), N central Morocco. In a rich agricultural region, it is connected by rail to Casablanca, Tangier, and Algeria. The city is noted for its Muslim art and its handicraft industries.
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, Morocco.



(named for Fès, Morocco, where the production of fezzes was widespread), a woolen or felt hat in the shape of a truncated cone, usually with a black or dark blue tassel, which is often interwoven with silver or gold. The fez is worn by men in Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, and Southwest Asia and is part of the native dress in some regions of Albania and Greece. It is worn either under a turban or as a separate hat. From 1826 to 1925 a red fez with a black tassel was the official headgear of civil servants and soldiers in Turkey.

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Fez worked in hospitality before "falling into" cabaret.
WHAT'S HAPPENING: Next month Fez comes alive to the sound of the World Sacred Music Festival (May 22-30) with the Atlas Mountains and the city's stunning architecture providing the backdrop for performances by choirs, musicians and poets.
Against the games that we are exposed to week in and week out, Fez is simply not to be missed at the price.
In a continued effort to promote underground writing, the following writers have been nominated for inclusion in The Pushcart Prize XXXVI:Best of the Small Presses (2012 Edition) for their recent work published in Red Fez Publications- April Michelle Bratten, "Legs"; Paul Corman-Roberts, "Call Me Mister"; Jenni Fagan, "No Stars Pension in Downtown Cairo"; Misti Rainwater-Lites, "America You Can.
Air Arabia Air Arabia will operate thrice-weekly Brussels-Casablanca service via Fez (twice-weekly) and Oujda (weekly) beginning in October for the winter season.
Cooper, who died on stage in April 1984, was famous for wearing a red fez and getting his magic tricks intentionally wrong.
Riad Fes, Fez The capital of Morocco for more than 400 years, Fez is home to the oldest university in the country and is a leading cultural and religious centre.
LA Fez Restaurant in Marske, Cleveland, is new to the business property market.
Unknown to us, Magdi had also bought a fez for the occasion so we were as surprised as he was.
A ALTHOUGH Rabat is Morocco's capital, tourists often bypass this relatively quiet west coast city in favour of the more colourful destinations of Marrakech and Fez.
Fez - the most ancient of the imperial capitals, with the most famous souk and medina in Morocco, is a vibrant cornucopia of sights, sounds and narrow streets where an unimaginable range of spices, leather, silver and gold, foodstuffs, clothes and bric-a-brac is bought and sold.
Now what we have to do first of all is to understand the difference between traditional technologies, which were an extension of our hands, senses, and other parts of our body and which, like the body, were subservient to the soul, and the modern machine which dominates over the human being; an example may explain this: if you were to go to a part of the Muslim world where we still have traditional craftsmen, let us say Isfahan, Fez, Damascus, or somewhere like that, you will see a person sitting with a simple hammer and a simple chisel and producing remarkable geometric patterns in stucco, stone, or wood.