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The enlarged view of damage in the root indicates that the main failure modes are the fiber bundle breakage and matrix cracking.
As shown and pointed by an arrow in Figure 5, mortars tended to form "mini beams" between the glass fiber bundles, connecting layers of mortars on both sides of the fabric.
From Figure 10(b), we can easily pick out two fake fiber bundles that are marked by brown arrows.
Let A be a nonempty, closed, locally contractible G-subset of X such that (X, A) is G-fiber bundle pair with respect to the fiber bundle F, p (A) be a closed G-subset of B such that each component p [(A).sub.j] of p (A) is equivariantly contractible and [p.sup.K]([A.sup.K]) is by-passed in [B.sup.K], for all (K) [member of] Iso(B).
ANOVA analysis of DIF effect on the fiber cellular traits showed that DIFs had a significant influence on the width of fiber bundle (WFB), the inter-fiber bundle distance (IFBD), the size of fiber cell (SFC), the size of fiber cell cavity (SFCC), the thickness of fiber cell wall (TFCW) and the number of fiber cells per bundle (NFCB) (Table 2).
Since muscle fiber bundles have high anisotropy, the muscle microenvironment can cause changes in the microstructure of muscle fibers, which lead to further changes in DTI parameters; therefore, DTI can have good diagnostic value.[sup][13],[14] The FA values of muscles vary with conditions such as edema, muscle damage, and tears; therefore, it is feasible to quantitatively assess the internal micromolecular pathological changes in skeletal muscles by calculating DTI parameters such as FA and ADC values.
The random distribution of the fibers in the fibrous absorbent materials allows the sound waves to hit the lumen of the fiber bundle and strengthen the sound absorption effect; a high absorption coefficient can be obtained.
Caption: Figure 7: Temperature distribution of (a) Direction I: paralleled fiber bundle along fiber's length and (b) Direction II: perpendicular fiber bundle from center of the fiber top surface to a position on the vertical surface, respectively.
The distribution of split retinal nerve fiber bundles in our subjects is shown in Table 1.
The unevenness directly influences the degree of alignment of fibers at micro level in the fiber bundles of yarn.
Figure 8(b) shows a typical fringe pattern obtained, in which one can see lots of individual fiber ends of the imaging fiber bundle. If they are in focus as in this picture, it implies that the imaging optics is in focus as well.
In its standard configuration, it has three fiber bundles that simultaneously feed the entrance of the WYFFOS fibre spectrograph.