fiber-optic circuit

fiber-optic circuit

[¦fī·bər ¦äp·tik ′sər·kət]
A path for data transmission in which light acts as the information carrier and is transmitted by total internal reflection through a transparent optical waveguide.

Fiber-optic circuit

The path of information travel, usually from one electrical system to another, in which light acts as the information carrier and is propagated by total internal reflection through a transparent optical waveguide. An electrooptic modulator and an optoelectric demodulator are required to convert the electrical signals into light and back again at the transmit and receive ends of the link, respectively.

A fiber-optic circuit, or link, is used for data transmission when a shielded twisted pair or a coaxial cable fails to meet one or more required performance criteria of the system designer. Depending upon fiber type, the distance-bandwidth product of a fiber is tens to thousands of times larger than that of electrical transmission. An optical communication fiber is a nearly perfect waveguide for light, meaning that little or no energy escapes through radiation. Thus, the data traveling in the fiber are secure from eavesdropping, as well as being harmless in or around equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Telecommunication fiber also has a very small diameter, 5–10 micrometers (0.0002–0.0005 in.), which allows telecommunication cables to be fabricated with a much higher packing density. Also, the most common materials used to make the fibers, silica and plastic, are less dense than copper, making the cable lighter. Lastly, since the fiber is a dielectric it can be used in volatile or sensitive environments that require electrical isolation. See Optical communications

The transmitter generally consists of a silicon integrated circuit that converts input voltage levels from a personal computer or a mainframe into current pulses. These, in turn, drive a light-emitting diode (LED). See Integrated circuits, Light-emitting diode

Light from the fiber is focused onto a reverse-biased pn-junction photodiode that generates an electron-hole pair for each photon impinging on or near its active area. Another circuit, usually a silicon integrated circuit, amplifies this electron-hole current and converts it into voltage levels suitable for interfacing with the computer at the receiving end.

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The conference paper notes that if the fiber-optic network or its power source went down and had to be re-established, then GPS or some other alternative time reference would be needed to recalibrate the fiber-optic circuit.
It will build a fiber-optic circuit that will connect its network center, to be set up in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward, with KDD's interfaces with trans-Pacific submarine cables -- one in Chikura, Chiba Prefecture, and the other in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture.
These new systems will support the dynamic growth that Kopin is experiencing in orders from its wireless and fiber-optic circuit partners," said John C.
For such "last-mile" applications, 38Ghz technology can be installed in a matter of hours to provide customers a network connection that is equivalent to a fiber-optic circuit in terms of both bandwidth and service quality.
Connectivity via fully redundant fiber-optic circuits and a teleport with high performance satellite links between the USA and Latin America.
These bubbles are part of a switch used to control optical signals in fiber-optic circuits.
High-speed fiber-optic circuits come in on the eighth floor and run down to the seventh, where they connect to routers for AT&T's WorldNet service.
Kopin is using new, advanced approaches to engineer platforms for next-generation power amplifiers and fiber-optic circuits," said Dr.
With an operating voltage more than 150 mV lower than conventional GaAs-based HBTs, GAIN transistors are well-suited for next-generation power amplifiers used in wireless handsets and high-speed fiber-optic circuits, applications that demand low power consumption and design flexibility.
This breakthrough should enable a new generation of high-performance, reliable, cost-effective InP-based HBT circuits for a variety of exciting applications, including 40 gigabit per second (Gb/s) fiber-optic circuits (OC-768) and efficient power amplifiers for third generation wireless phones.
InSight provides turnkey delivery services as well as transmission-only sales via satellite transponders, fiber-optic circuits and the Internet.
It is a critical part of network performance, but it is often an afterthought that follows the purchase of fiber-optic circuits, add/drop multiplexers and switching systems.

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