fiberglass cloth

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glass cloth

A closely-woven cloth fabricated of glass fibers; often used as a finishing jacket over thermal insulation for piping.
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The popular and excellent McMillan stocks, for instance, are mostly made with fiberglass cloth, but their lightweight Edge stock uses lighter graphite cloth.
He made sure I understood that the fiberglass cloth needed to be treated to handle the alkalinity of the mix or that the mix had to be buffered.
APA fabricated the adhesive test specimens on fiberglass cloth and provided Forintek with test-ready, 76- by 152-mm (3- by 6-inch) samples of cured adhesives ready for installation in the test chambers.
thick balsa cores, and six layers of fiberglass cloth on top and bottom.
The carrier layer is made of a material selected from the group consisting of fiberglass cloth, metal screen and foil.
Other companies have developed boards that use a woven bamboo mat in place of fiberglass cloth.
With a regular crochet j-hook, she creates her own fiberglass cloth as the raw material for her own forms.
Other parts of the plant, such as the machinery that weaves filaments into fiberglass cloth, can stop for events as important as a machinery problem or as innocuous as the lunch break.
In preparing for an island-hopping trip to Florida and back in a Piper Tri-Pacer, I designed and fabricated a series of polystyrene blocks coated with fiberglass cloth and plastic resin.
He developed what was known as a ballistic nylon vest containing layers of Kevlar, a material somewhat like fiberglass cloth, designed for use by law enforcement and security personnel.
A laminated synthetic stock is so-called because strips of fiberglass cloth, graphite fiber, Kevlar cloth and sometimes woven graphite are hand laid in a mold and saturated with epoxy, then cured under pressure.