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a connective-tissue cell in man and other vertebrates, a fibroblast that has reached its final stage of differentiation and is incapable of further division.

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Fibrogenic mediators in ALI may also represent useful biomarkers and include type III procollagen, myofibroblasts, fibrocytes, and proteoglycans (PGs; Table 3).
In comparison of A1, B1 and C1 all discs in group A and most of the disc (eight) in group C showed normal lamellar and wavy pattern of collagen / proteoglycan with abundant distribution of fibrocytes and chondrocytes in normal scattered manner as shown in Figure 1.
sup][40] In this monocyte to fibrocyte differentiation, monocytes first differentiate into M1 macrophages, the latter become M2 macrophages, and finally M2 macrophages give rise to fibrocytes.
The peripheral blood fibrocyte is a potent antigenpresenting cell capable of priming naive T cells in situ.
Circulating fibrocytes correlate with bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome development after lung transplantation: A novel clinical biomarker.
The stroma of villi consists of fibrocytes and fibroblasts, often edematous.
AQP1 expression was observed by immunohisto-chemistry in the cochlea of Mongolian gerbil, specifically in type III and type IV fibrocytes, mesenchymal cells lining the bony otic capsule of the perilymphatic space, and fibrocytes in the spiral limbus.
Targets of these antibodies are stria vascularis, fibrocytes of the spiral ligament and supporting cells.
First of all, in the tops of lymphoid nodules, a large, almost 3-fold increase in the number of stromal cells (fibroblasts, fibrocytes, reticulocytes) drew the attention.

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