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A sarcoma composed of spindle cells that produce collagenous fibrils.
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an immature malignant tumor of connective tissue; a malignant variant of fibroma, fibromyoma (leiomyoma), or fibroadenoma that can occur in any part of the body. It is characterized by invasive and destructive growth but sometimes has distinct contours. In cross section it looks like fish flesh. A fibrosarcoma has a marked capacity to metastasize, chiefly through blood vessels. It can often be distinguished from a fibroma only by histological examination and is treated surgically.

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Cancer types ranged from melanoma to hemangiosarcoma, with squamous cell carcinomas and vaccine-associated fibrosarcomas being the most common.
(1,17) This finding highlights the importance of the cell of origin in the oncogenesis of different entities with recurrent gene fusions, (4) a concept perhaps best illustrated by the recurrent ETV6-NTRK3 gene fusions across biologically distinct tumors of epithelial, mesenchymal, and hematopoietic differentiation (secretory carcinoma, infantile fibrosarcoma, and acute myeloid leukemia, respectively).
Differential diagnosis included gastrointestinal smooth muscle tumor, leiomyosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor.
Congenital infantile fibrosarcoma (CIF) represents a malignant mesenchymal tumor accounting for 10-20% of softtissue tumors diagnosed in the early years of life [1].
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The grade of fibrosarcomas from low to high, depend on the number of mitotic figures, tumor differentiation, and the presence of tumor necrosis.
(21) Combinations of intratumoral cisplatin chemotherapy with radiation and with orthovoltage radiotherapy were described for the treatment of fibrosarcomas in 2 blue-and-gold macaws.
Los fibrosarcomas son sobrediagnosticados debido a que practicamente cualquier sarcoma de celulas fusiformes anaplasicas que contiene colageno se diagnostica como un fibrosarcoma cuando una histogenesis mas especifica no es aparente13.
Malignant tumors in the differential diagnosis include fibrosarcomas and spindle cell carcinomas.
The differential diagnoses for hemangiopericytoma include peripheral nerve sheath tumors (PNST), fibrosarcomas, myofibroblasts fibrosarcomas, spindle cell histiocytic sarcomas, and spindle cell glomus tumors.
It tends to put out fingerlike projections into surrounding tissues, and because of these projections, fibrosarcomas are typically very locally invasive."