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1. a violin played as a folk instrument
2. Nautical a small railing around the top of a table to prevent objects from falling off it in bad weather
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a stringed instrument, played with a bow. The fiddle was used from the eighth to the mid-14th century in Western Europe by itinerant musicians. In German-speaking countries the term “Fiedel” is analogous to the “vielle” or “viola” of Romance languages. The fiddle was spade-shaped, pear-shaped, or guitar-shaped, the last-mentioned being the classic type. Initially, its body had two flat sounding boards, square upper bouts, two semicircular soundholes, a fingerboard without frets, and a flat pegbox with perpendicularly placed tuning pegs. The fiddle had one to five strings, which were tuned in fourths or fifths (seeSTRINGED INSTRUMENT, BOWED).


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wretch that I am!' sighed she; 'why did I not marry King Grisly-beard?' 'That is no business of mine,' said the fiddler:
'to whom does that little dirty hole belong?' Then the fiddler said,
Now make the fire, and put on water and cook my supper, for I am very tired.' But the princess knew nothing of making fires and cooking, and the fiddler was forced to help her.
I am the fiddler who has lived with you in the hut.
He heard that she had had a mass said, that morning, for the repose of her father's soul and spent a long time praying in the little church and on the fiddler's tomb.
Fiddler crabs help to oxygenate the substrate so put back what you don't need or use.
When producer/director Hal Prince, who's helped create such Broadway classics as West Side Story, Damn Yankees, Sweeney Todd, Evita, and Phantom of the Opera, was approached in 1964 by writers Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock to direct Fiddler on the Roof, he refused.
Fiddler's Ferry Coal-Fire Power Station will start consultation with staff and trade unions after deciding to close its remaining operational capacity in Warrington.
Name: Mark FiddlerTitle: Owner/attorney, Fiddler Osband LLC
When "Fiddler on the Roof" returns for a three-week engagement at Chicago's Cadillac Palace Theatre, the beloved 1964 Broadway musical will star veteran Israeli actor and director Yehezkel Lazarov as Tevye in his North American touring debut.
Andrew Fiddler said he was "very pleased" the replica, which was movedfrom Stockton to its new home in Whitby this summer, has been granted a licence to sell alcohol.