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1. a violin played as a folk instrument
2. Nautical a small railing around the top of a table to prevent objects from falling off it in bad weather



a stringed instrument, played with a bow. The fiddle was used from the eighth to the mid-14th century in Western Europe by itinerant musicians. In German-speaking countries the term “Fiedel” is analogous to the “vielle” or “viola” of Romance languages. The fiddle was spade-shaped, pear-shaped, or guitar-shaped, the last-mentioned being the classic type. Initially, its body had two flat sounding boards, square upper bouts, two semicircular soundholes, a fingerboard without frets, and a flat pegbox with perpendicularly placed tuning pegs. The fiddle had one to five strings, which were tuned in fourths or fifths (seeSTRINGED INSTRUMENT, BOWED).


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That's why it makes sense to have a Fiddling Workshop and a Contra Dance at the historic museum and homestead of the Willard family,'' said Apple Tree Arts executive director Donna Blanchard.
The programme is packed with entertainment including a game night, themed nights and Paul Anderson, an internationally renowned fiddler hailing fromTarland, will be attending the event to showcase his skills and provide tutorials in the art of fiddling.
The students make sound effects with their fiddles and learn basic fiddling techniques.
Investigations of local community interactions, themes in the development of fiddle traditions, and the contributions of different ethnic groups to the style makes for vivid, important reading for any interested in fiddling in particular and American music evolution in general.
In organizing his mass of information, Reisswenger, an academic librarian and author of an excellent study of old-time fiddler Melvin Wine (Drew Beisswenger, Fiddling Way Out Yonder: The Lore and Music of Melvin Wine [Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2002] ), has divided the world of North American fiddling along generic, ethnic, and geographic (national or regional) lines.
The seven-year-old's mother Fiddling The Facts started 6-1 favourite for the 1999 Grand National won by Bobbyjo, while half-brother Classic Fiddle landed seven races from just 11 starts for Henderson between 2006 and 2008.
It also features topics as remote from the North Atlantic as Texas contest fiddling, Harry Choates as a Cajun folk hero, and James Madison Carpenter's 1928-35 cylinder recordings of fiddlers from the English Midlands.
My grandmother, Alice Clemens--three times New York State ladies' fiddling champion--was a cofounder of the museum and association.
Helping to keep the Metis-style of fiddling alive brings Ashdown a sense of gratification and pride.
Tyler Vollrath has walked away with the title for the Metis Nation of Alberta's first annual fiddling competition held as part of the Kiyanaw exhibition at Edmonton's Capital Ex.
It would take all of our MPs fiddling flat out over a year and a half to make as much as one year of Sir Fred's pension from his banking job.