field drain

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agricultural pipe drain

A system of porous or perforated pipes laid in a trench filled with gravel (or the like); used for draining subsoil.
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The trough has been constructed from several flat stones, which make up the sides and the base of the trough, and water flows into and out of the trough via the field drain.
Several distinct trends in the soluble ion chemistry were observed along the transect, when moving away from the field drain edge towards the centre of the sampled canefield (Fig.
As elvers, they would enter the Dee at its mouth and head up river towards Chester,encountering many field drains around Sandycroft and Saltney Ferry, which they entered,ending up many miles inland.
But when the water supply dried up three months ago, a plumber inspected the source - a field drain close to where livestock grazed - and warned them never to touch it again.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning of Weed Jala, Srakanda etc from Malout Drain from RD 0 to 77700, Kuraiwala Enna Khera Malout Link Drain RD 0 to 63600, Gurusar Ghagga Their Link Drain RD 0 to 34500, Kothe Surgapuri Babania Link Drain RD 0 to 48500, Ghumiar Khera Link Drain RD 0 to 14800, Jandwala Link Drain RD 0 to 4180, Faqarsar Their Link Drain RD 0 to 3435, LUndewala Link Drain RD 0 to 17280, Husner Babania Link Drain RD 0 to 16300 and Husner Field Drain RD 0 to 3500 and Gurusar Ghagga SeepageToe Drain 0 to 10000.
0-89600 and Sarawan Bodla Field drain RD 0-3500 and Sarawan Bodla Field Drain No.
by machinery from the bed of Mehrajwala drain, Mohlan Field dain, Midda link drain, Ratta khera link drain, Bhullerian link drain,Ratta khera field drain, Dhigana drain, Tamkot drain and Phullewala link drain.
At Caladh Install 2 by 4m long by 6" wide Field drains.
It seems that spectators have to sit on soft, squishy ground because the field drains runoff in that direction.
The main arena area is being improved by the installation of new field drains.
The example they used to illustrate the theoretical analysis was for field drains spaced at 40m and installed 2m below the surface of a uniform soil above an impermeable layer at 6 m depth, and our model was thus scaled to match this field system.