field drain

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agricultural pipe drain

A system of porous or perforated pipes laid in a trench filled with gravel (or the like); used for draining subsoil.
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The layout of a typical random field drain system is shown in Figure 13-2.
Several distinct trends in the soluble ion chemistry were observed along the transect, when moving away from the field drain edge towards the centre of the sampled canefield (Fig.
"But we have since learned that the field drain supply is illegal and has never been registered with health officials at the local council."
The trough has been constructed from several flat stones, which make up the sides and the base of the trough, and water flows into and out of the trough via the field drain.
As elvers, they would enter the Dee at its mouth and head up river towards Chester,encountering many field drains around Sandycroft and Saltney Ferry, which they entered,ending up many miles inland.