field glass

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field glass:

see binocularbinocular,
small optical instrument consisting of two similar telescopes mounted on a single frame so that separate images enter each of the viewer's eyes. As with a single telescope, distant objects appear magnified, but the binocular has the additional advantage that it
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HALF a century ago, a birdwatcher might visit a site near home, meet no other people, and get distant views of birds through a pair of "field glasses" - or, if you had naval links, a drawtube telescope.
What we love in particular is the interface of the app, which is a lot more fizzy than what we have seen from Google in the recent past - we love the sola hat and large field glasses icon - and tweaks like getting information about a place on your headset as you drive by it.
The Russian's tripod is down, she's scrambling for her field glasses while the American is surging into the lead by recordin g blow after blow." NBC would almost certainly do a poignant back story on the 1970 exploding whale south of Florence.
When Ahab's sextant and Auda's field glasses are shattered, they must rely on instinct rather than on observation.
Right beside Vega in the handle is Epsilon ([epsilon]) Lyrae, which even the smallest field glasses show to be a double star.
And although they're called "goggles," they can be used either handheld, just like conventional field glasses, or are "hands-free" by using the included comfortable headmount.
How well these field glasses scope out the place-- A kestrel sky,
Worry spreads to the third Boy, Ian Barton, who vows never to forget his field glasses again, but, moments before panic sets in, trainer Jo Davis adds: "It's okay, lads, there's a footpath, they're just ramblers."
For many experts, the rest of the field in the Kappa Smurfit Champion Hurdle will need field glasses to see which way Binocular went.
When the brute fell moments later I stood and looked up at the rock with my field glasses. Todd was already gathering our gear.
Without that key, the ship's lookouts did not have access to the field glasses commonly used during those pre-sonar days to spot icebergs.
Visible enough, however, and as I adjust field glasses, goofy avuncular