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Blue spots indicate points with the same magnetic field intensity.
For Figure 10(a), when the current is 0.17 mA, the electric field intensity at the center continues to decrease from 0.1 to 4 MHz and is lowest at 2.5 MHz.
The various of external magnetic field intensity are adjusted for first solenoid accordingly Figure 8 and Figure 9.
Caption: Figure 16: (a) Acoustic field intensity in the absence of skull-bone layer and (b) the corresponding pressure at axial distance through the head center at 0.5 MHz.
4 and the relationship between magnetization intensity and magnetic field intensity explained by electromagnetism, the previously mentioned relationship among yield stress, magnetic field intensity H and saturation magnetization intensity [M.sub.s] can be successfully explained, which also proves the validity of chain-like flocculation theory of magnetism agglomeration.
Loop analysis is conducted based on the assumption that field distribution is homogeneous in radius span; therefore, the GMM rod could be modeled in its longitudinal direction as a network of magnetic circuits [24]; then Kirchhoff's Laws are employed to calculate the field intensity and flux density; in traditional analysis, the magnetic circuit of GMA is regarded as a single magnetic loop [1,19], since in a classical tube-like PM configuration, the bias field is assumed to be uniformly distributed.
Electric field intensity cloud chart on the surface of workpiece was shown in Figure 11, which was acted on by 12.08 V electrolysis voltage in the first laser pulse interval.
The narrow interval of the appropriate magnetic field intensity was clearly indicated by the presence of the effect around 2.8 [micro]T fields but complete absence of the effect around 7 [micro]T.
Table 1: The magnetic field intensity H as a function of r and the speed of the particle with [beta] ~ 1.
- the pulse shape of geoelectric field intensity during a geomagnetic storm is shown in Fig.4 and corresponds to the pulse shape in the work [26], the maximum values of intensities are assumed equal to 6, 10, 15, 20 V/km;
Key statement: The tire condition of each tire of a vehicle is detected, which information is transmitted by means of electromagnetic waves from the tire condition acquisition devices to a monitoring device that receives the electromagnetic waves transmitted from tire condition acquisition devices via a receiving antenna, which monitoring device contains means for displaying the electric field intensity of the electromagnetic waves transmitted from the tire condition acquisition devices.

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