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Due to the direct coupling with the main windings, Z2 and Z4 superconducting shims experience damagingly high forces and currents during an abrupt quench and are thus no longer included in large bore ultra high field magnets.
As part of the restructuring, Oxford NanoScience will discontinue volume production of low field magnets for OEM customers, which are expected to account for 11 million [pounds sterling] ($19.1 million) in sales in fiscal 2006.
The ITER Council encouraged the European and Russian Domestic Agencies to work together to develop synergies in order to prevent schedule slippage for the manufacturing of the poloidal field magnets.
New markets for high-temp superconductors include magnetic levitation, energy storage, fast electronics and ultra-high field magnets.
Support came in the form of verification measurements on 12 billets of Nb3Sn bronze route strand for the ITER Toroidal Field magnets, recently produced by one of the Japanese suppliers.
Inserted between toroidal field magnets and the vacuum vessel, the ITER Thermal Shield (TS) system minimizes the thermal radiation to the superconducting magnets.
S will no longer provide superconductor for the Central Solenoid magnets but will provide 8% of the conductor for the toroidal field magnets. The U.
However, Najmabadi said, "ARIES-I was still too large and too expensive." In the next round of power plant studies, advanced technologies were incorporated: higher field magnets to improve power density and SiC composites to improve excellent safety and environmental characteristics.