field measure

field check

1. At a field site, a survey of existing conditions; also called a field observation.
2. At an existing structure, a comparison of dimensions with those shown on drawings; also called field measure.
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Smart instruments in the field measure or directly affect single or multiple plant variables, contain a microprocessor for processing data, and are commercially available "off the shelf" These instruments include not only sensors for measurements and communications, but also actuators, valves, motor variable speed drives, and other control Equipment.
Holding out till the end, the Dutch have been supported by states that have unbundled their transmission system operators (TSOs) in calling for the level playing field measure to prevent VICs from buying up any major company active in the energy sector.
Scientists in the field measure in nanometres, with one nanometre being 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.
Specialized knowledge and experience are required for properly designing such a system and applying it as a field measure. Specialized information can be obtained from consulting engineers or service organizations as Perma-Pipe, A Sub.
The most widely used field measure of upper body muscular strength in children is the pull-up test.
He said that today is another electoral promise carried out in order to provide free veterinary assistance to voluntary organizations active in this field measure for the 2018 budget had allocated 80,000.
Our progress to date has been quite remarkable, and as covered in this update, the broader volume potential within the current area of focus is truly significant by any NWS field measure. With the whole basin currently held by Carnarvon and its partner, further success will also enable the joint venture to consider the even greater potential that is within the basin and outside of the current area of focus.
The Contractor Shall Field Measure Each Proposed Blind Location And Verify All Dimensions.
equal field measure 7.2 investments in the creation, improvement or expansion of all types small-scale infrastructure of the programme for rural development for the period 2014 - 2020 entitled
Bidders to field measure and verify exact locker count.
Field measure the items of work completed and verify quantities with the contractor prior to submission of invoice for payment, viii.
Two electric and two magnetic field measures are used in Maxwell's equations.