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drain tile

A hollow tile, usually laid end to end as piping (with open joints) in soil in order to drain water-saturated soil, or used to permit fluid in the hollow-tile pipe to disperse into the ground (as in an absorption field).
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Field methods.--Nest sites are 15 cm long half-cylinders cut from 10 cm diameter ceramic field tile. Except for 2002 and 2006 when no tiles were placed, a mean of 17.5 tiles (range 923) was added to a 100 m reach of Carpentier Creek each March from 1994 through 2015.
"Last spring," Wampler said, "field tile was in very short supply and almost impossible to get.
The tub is a Bain Ultra Origami from Thomas Somerville, the floor tile is Brazil Black slate, and the tile is a mix of stone field tile from Zebrano and glossy glass tile from Architectural Ceramics.
Original Style has a square Victorian Green Field Tile, PS84.95 per square metre, John Lewis scooped the Best Dream Bedroom award with its blue setting featuring its Croft Collection Skye bed frame, double, PS699; Croft Collection linen bedding collection, from PS20 to PS135, and House by John Lewis navy Jersey bedspread, PS40
It could also do a number on field tile. When you saw red tile chips coming up when boring a posthole, it did not help your humor because you knew you would then have to get a spade and dig it out by hand and fix the tile.
Electing to field Tile Marine did well to restrict Times of Oman who at one stage were 101 for the loss of one wicket in the ninth over to 165 for the loss of nine wickets off the 20 stipulated overs.
The tile comes in a nice range of neutral colors--gray, beige, black, white and taupe--so it's very useful as a field tile against which you can insert just a splash of a punchy (and typically more expensive) colored accent tile to great effect.
According to DeeDee Gundberg, glass tiles can range from $8 to $60 per square foot for field tile and up to $200 per square foot for high-end glass mosaics.
At one particular connection that had been excavated, the presence of an unknown northerly trending eight-inch agricultural field tile was discovered.
Keystone Decorative Field Tile Domino in Vulcan, $60/sq.
Original Style has a square Victorian Green Field Tile, PS84.95 per square metre, TURN BACK TIME Vibrant colour choices are also inspired by the Seventies - think mustard, orange, greens and even splashes of red.