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Semai communities are also being pressured by the Malay government to give up their land for industrial development and move to urban centers, says Dentan, who has done field work among the Semai.
If Petuch is proved wrong, he has, at the very least, raised some tantalizing questions about the geology of Florida--questions that he hopes will inspire more field work. And if he is right, he should expect standing-room-only crowds for some time to come.
Blackrock will follow up with field work to refine the anomaly.
"The field work is spread across Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Puducherry, Telangana, and Madhya Pradesh along with some work in the northeastern states," said the official, a day after Wipro Chairman Azim Premji announced to give 34 per cent more shares of the company worth Rs 52,750 crore to support philanthropic activities.
He said 20 of the planned audits had been done up to field work and were at reporting stage while five were currently under field work, which was due to be completed by the end of this month.
Agriculture Minister Nurbek Murashev offered to consider a draft government order on providing state support to economic entities of the Kyrgyz Republic in conducting seasonal agricultural field work in 2019.
Field work "On Saturday, the health, voluntary and all the supporting sectors continued their field work in the campaign for the eradication of the mosquito," said a spokesman from the Ministry of Health.
The parties discussed the results of previously completed joint field topographic and geodetic works at selected sections of the Uzbek-Turkmen state border, and the timing of further field work was agreed.
The notification stipulates that the luxury vehicles are permitted for use for field work and special assignments.'Rs25,000 per day will be charged for the use of vehicles for field work and special assignments,' the advocate general informed.