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(1) A control network used in process control and industrial automation. Fieldbuses are bi-directional, digital serial networks that offer services at layers 1 and 2 of the OSI model (physical and data link). Some fieldbuses offer services at layer 7 as well. Examples of fieldbus networks are FOUNDATION fieldbus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus and PROFIBUS. In the 1980s, fieldbuses began to replace the parallel wiring used in 4-20 mA and +/-10 volt analog interfaces.

(2) (FOUNDATION fieldbus) A control network typically used in the process control industries from the Fieldbus Foundation (FF). Using a distributed architecture where the control is in the devices themselves, FOUNDATION fieldbus integrates low-speed sensors and actuators with high-speed controllers and servers in a single system. FOUNDATION fieldbus is made up of two networks: lower-speed H1 and high-speed HSE.

H1 is a bus-powered, serial, multi-drop topology at 31.25 Kbps that replaces 4-20 mA circuits, but can communicate with 4-20 mA devices via converters. Introduced in 1995, H1 provides services at layers 1, 2 and 7 of the OSI model.

HSE (High Speed Ethernet) provides 100 Mbps between PLCs, servers and workstations. It also connects to H1 networks via the linking device that multiplexes H1 segments together. Introduced in 2000, HSE provides services at layers 1, 2, 3, 4 (Ethernet and TCP/IP) and layer 7 of the OSI model. For more information, visit

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Installing fieldbus architecture can be like giving a plant a brain.
Color touchscreens, distributed control, and Ethernet, fieldbus, internet, and wireless communications simplify installation and use of multi-station controls for materials handling.
The next protocol change - to FOUNDATION Fieldbus - is just beginning.
In a recent Automation World column, "Not Your Father's Fieldbus," Bowne noted that Profinet and OPC UA Pub/Sub are complementary technologies, not competing ones.
The three versions of the CLV610, ECO, CAN and fieldbus, can be integrated with a wide variety of factory automated control systems, including PROFIBUS, so it can be used as a replacement or new scanning resource almost anywhere.
FDM R410 uses device type manager technology to manage Hart, Profibus and Fieldbus smart instruments.
Output is a 4-20 mA signal incorporating HART protocol communications fieldbus technology.
The devices include a 4 mA to 20 mA output using signal-incorporating HART protocol communications fieldbus technology and inputs for resistance thermometers and thermocouples, resistance-type transmitters and mV-voltage transmitters.
Seamless integration of weight and statistical data with factory SCADA systems is simplified through standard fieldbus interfaces leading to faster implementations, improved process efficiencies, and reduced product giveaway.
Also included are a USB programming port and an expansion slot for an optional communications card that provides extended serial communica-tion or fieldbus connectivity.
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This facility will make extensive use of FOUNDATION(tm) fieldbus H1 data highways with Yokogawa transmitters connected to the DeltaV(tm) host system.