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1. Clouds of gas in the solar upper chromosphere/inner corona, with a higher density and at a lower temperature than their surroundings, that are visible (in the monochromatic light of certain strong Fraunhofer lines) as dark absorption features against the brighter disk. They were formerly sometimes called dark flocculi . When viewed beyond the limb they appear as bright projections and are termed prominences. See prominences.



the extremely slender protein threads that make up the principal mass of fibrils, for example, myofibrils.

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The wispy, fiber-like structures seen in this large image are long filaments of cold gas, only visible to telescopes working in the millimeter wavelength range.
Continuing its thrust into the additive manufacturing printing arena, SABIC, Houston, has launched new filaments and is working on others.
All MakeShaper filaments are packaged in a vacuum-sealed moisture barrier bag with a desiccant.
This discovery led the research team to utilize computer simulations to investigate a possible connection between filaments and jet eruptions.
ASTRONOMERS HAVE discovered long filaments of cold gas--the main ingredient for making stars--cocooning giant bubbles inflated by a black hole.
Referring to the launch of the six new filaments, Lori Louthan, director of mass transportation for SABle, said: 'We are applying our extensive materials and processing expertise to create new filaments with higher performance than current offerings with the goal of expanding their use into the development of production parts.
While that search continues --an announcement is expected by the end of this year--the company is driving development of its core technology with a small R&D group at the University of British Columbia that is exploring how to enhance the characteristics of cellulose filaments for commercialization, says Minhas, who is an industrial chemist with an executive MBA.
Saurer Components Accotex(r) 518 SF glass forming apron is the newest glass forming apron meets the industry's growing demand for finer filaments and is designed to produce fine and ultra-fine filaments which can be used in a range of finished goods including electronic devices.
Plessey (England) has announced the launch of its range of LED filaments manufactured with the company's MaGIC GaN-on-Silicon LEDs.
4] The sliding filament theory was based on the observation that there are two separate sets of filament actin and myosin located differently with myosin filaments in A band, and on electron microscopy there are two interdigitating sets of filament and length of A band does not change during contraction.
Filaments are clouds of cooler gas suspended above the Sun's surface by magnetic forces.