file attribute

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file attribute

A file access classification that determines how a file can be viewed or whether it can be edited. File attributes are maintained in the file system's directories, and typical attributes are Read-Only, Hidden, System and Archive. See extended file attributes.

Read-Only Attribute
A Read-Only file can be viewed, but not changed.

Hidden and System Attributes
Files marked Hidden and System do not normally display unless the file manager option to display them is selected. Any file can be marked as Hidden; however, operating system and other control program files are marked as System files as a means of identification.

Archive Attribute
The archive attribute is used for backup. When a file is created, the archive bit is turned on, and when a program copies the file, the archive bit is turned off. For example, the /m parameter in the Xcopy command in Windows turns off the archive attribute. When the file is edited and saved again, the attribute bit is turned on.
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At the block device level, everything is a data read or a data write operation, no matter what the higher levels might be doing (for example, accessing file attributes).
While pre-execution checks file attributes to make a malware decision, runtime execution requires knowledge of specific actions attackers are likely to use.
Global statistics are a set of popular file attributes and contents drawn from outside of the target environment.
We're talking basic, basic file attributes and a preview window-one man's "rudimentary" may be another's "optimized." But it's still a bit of a shock.
This volume covers all aspects of Linux system programming including topics such as file input/output, processes, memory allocation, file attributes, signals, threads, accessing shared libraries, sockets, and program execution.
Through a common browser interface, auditors and decision makers can locate and recover specific text from archived files based on word combinations, phrases and file attributes. Privacy is maintained and compliance ensured.
+ Recovery of hidden or system data including file attributes
Users can use the new 3D exploded view to explode complex assemblies, and a 3D search feature can search and filter for parts in a 3D assembly based on a variety of native file attributes. AutoVue allows the viewing and marking up files in 450 native file formats.