file header

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file header

[′fīl ‚hed·ər]
(computer science)
A set of words comprising the file name and various characteristics of the file, found at the beginning of a file stored on magnetic tape or disk.
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(1) In a disk or tape file, a set of data that resides permanently at the beginning. It may be used for identification only (type of file, date of last update, etc.), or it may describe the structural layout of the contents, as is common with many document and database formats.

(2) In a document or report, common text printed at the top of every page.

(3) Any caption or description used as a headline.

(4) In communications and networking, a group of fields added to the beginning of the message or packet. The fields typically include source and destination addresses as well as data that describe the message content. See HTTP header, email header and header file.
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In this category, metadata created during the generation of computer information, such as a file header (or data about data) created during an upload of an image file to a remote computer, has been held not to be hearsay because, using a strict application of the hearsay rule, there was no "person" making a declaration.
The mean values of several features in the PE file header have obvious differences between malware and benign software.
Step 4: Check PE Files Headers and Sections with Image file header
"In the case of DASH packaging, [encrypting and packagingl consists of adding the default_KID in the file header 'tenc' box, initialization vectors and subsample byte ranges in track fragments indexed by 'saio' and 'saiz' boxes, and possibly one or more 'pssh' boxes containing license acquisition information from the DRM provider," the most recent version of the CPIX version 2.0 draft documentation notes.
Additionally, user-settable fields must be reserved, allowing the user to add information to the file header.
We also plan to link the cataloging to the proposals developed by the TEI for an electronic text file header, which describes not only the bibliographic source of the text but also the encoding used within it and the revision history of the file.