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These solutions operate at the volume level rather than the file level, avoiding file-level issues while providing a short window of exposure and rapid recovery.
Crypto-shredding can be enabled down to the individual file level, including files stored on tape, a capability unique to Assureon.
Tacit Networks has worked with Microsoft Corporation to bring additional value to the Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 offering by providing customers with innovative technology for WAN file serving, file level caching and centralized file consistency capabilities for remote branch office deployments," said Rahul Auradkar, Director in the Windows Server Division at Microsoft Corporation.
In this way, electronic files contain all complete folders (transactions) of a certain time period, arranged according to the file level of a filing plan.
Different levels of control to data elements can be assigned users, from the file level all the way down to the cell level.
While network attached storage (NAS) systems meet the requirements for applications that access data at a file level, a storage area network (SAN) is required to consolidate the storage resources supporting block I/O applications like databases and Microsoft Exchange.
The CrosStor and Adaptec collaboration will result in external storage solutions that communicate at both the file level (NAS) and block level (SAN) over standard Ethernet networks, thereby driving the convergence of NAS and SAN.
In short, we need to identify the individual value of what is in our closets, at the file level, then clean and organize that mess before we can prescribe a means to keep it neat and tidy for the future.
It automatically retrieves stored data for restoration, down to the file level, and sends it directly to its destination.