file manager

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file manager

[′fīl ‚man·ə·jər]
(computer science)
Software for managing data that works only with single files and lacks relational capability.

file manager

(1) The low-level file management handled by the operating system is known as a "file system," not a file manager (see file system).

(2) Software that manages data files. See file management system.

(3) Software used to organize files on a storage device (hard drive, SSD, flash drive). It provides functions to delete, copy, move and rename files as well as create and manage folders. File managers are typically integrated with a file viewer that opens the file when its name or icon is clicked or tapped.

Every OS Has a File Manager
In the first versions of Windows (Win 3.x), the file manager was appropriately named File Manager. It later became Windows Explorer. In the Mac, the file manager is part of the Finder desktop. Konqueror is the file manager in the Linux KDE desktop. See Win Explorer, Finder, Konqueror and file viewer.

On Mobiles As Well
File managers are also available for smartphones and tablets, as in this popular app for Android devices.
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According to the company, Spooled File Manager v9.0 is a spooled file distribution and archiving tool that offers real-time spooled file monitoring, filtering and fast retrieval of archived spooled files.
Open File Manager 9.4 is enterprise-class software that enables your backup application to back up files that are open and in use, ensuring business continuity and the protection of mission-critical data.
Importantly, RCC features a plug-in for Total Commander, a popular file manager formerly known as Windows Commander.
This kind of analogy is effective because it begins with something for which certain learners (PC users of File Manager) have a mental model, and goes on to compare and contrast its various aspects.
Usted puede usar el File Manager Utility para crear su propia pagina personal o enviar una pagina personalizada e imagenes (GIFs/JEPGs) usando el EZ File upload Utility.
ABC Bull's newly redesigned web site ( depends on the heavy use of frames to organize and present its products with a folder system reminiscent of Windows' file manager program.
Another aspect of networking is the integration of CAD and Mazak's optional Camware and Shop Floor File Manager software to substantially reduce programming time and leadtime from design to manufacture.
* Right-Click Menus in Explorer-compatible File Manager - create new ZIP and CAB files or extract files from ZIP and CAB files.
EXE: Updated File Manager for Windows95:
In the instruction booklet, under the section 'How To Get Started' are a stream of instructions - double click on this icon here, go to file manager there, then follow the instructions that appear on screen etc, etc.
First of all, you do not need the old Windows subdirectory around to gain access to the Windows 3.1 File Manager and Program Manager.