file name

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file name

[′fīl ‚nām]
(computer science)
The name given by the programmer to a specific set of data.

file name

Every independent collection of data on a disk is a "file," such as a word procesing document, spreadsheet, database, image or video. An executable program, program shortcut and an icon are also files. Any file created by the user is named by the user, while files generated by the application are named by the developer of the program.

The first part of the file name is arbitrary, while the second part, which is attached to the first part with a period, is a suffix called an "extension," and it denotes the type of file. For example, when an image is saved in the JPEG format, the user-created name suits the content, such as BIGFISH.JPG or FAMILY_HIKING.JPG, while the application assigns the .JPG suffix. See file, extension and Win file names.

The file names that make up the Windows version of this encyclopedia are named as follows:


  CDEweb.exe  Executable program
  CDE.INI     User preferences

  CDE.ABC     Main index + configuration
  CDE.NDX     Entry index
  CDE.PAR     Paragraph index
  CDE.TXT     Text
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Wedding photographers, for example, may include a client's name or the date of the shoot in the file name.
The Metadata database stores all the metadata records, the Gazetteer stores gazetteer information to help search a place name more easily, GISdata stores all the vector data, SpatialDirect stores all the vector records to interact with FME software, and PUMapData stores basic information of scanned maps and creates unique image file names.
If we were successful in getting Excel to default to a workbook with the path and file name, we will have to remove the footer for the new template.
File names on the web should not contain spaces, and are case-sensitive (so "T" and "t" are not the same thing).
Future issues of The Tax Adviser will carry both the file name for the current issue and the password.
0, which provides up to 254 characters for file names in Windows.
In addition, the new release allows users to view text files, combine records from separate log files, invoke script files in the user's own communications software, instantly recall the file name or number used in the last recorded session, and do a variety of general file house-keeping chores.
However, that solution lea& to a different problem: If you have many windows open, the icons representing them won't fit on the taskbar so it's hard to access them, or if too many icons are squeezed into that limited space, you may not be able to read the file name.
Excel 2002: To insert a path and file name on the header or footer of a spreadsheet, click on View, Header and Footer, Custom Header (or Footer) and click on the icon that looks like a folder with a piece of paper falling out of it (see screenshot at right).
You then have the option to save it with a file name and a format--as HTML or plain text; if you want, you later can convert either version of text to a Word file, but that's an extra step.