file size

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file size

The length of a computer file in bytes. Following are common file types and sizes. See space/time, file and byte.

KB=kilobytes  MB=megabytesGB=gigabytes  TB=terabytesFILE TYPE     APPROX. SIZE

 Text          2KB per page

  MP3           4MB per song
  FLAC         20MB per song
  CD-DA        40MB per song

 Database      KBs to TBs**

 CAD drawing   KBs to GBs**

 Spreadsheet   KBs to MBs**

 Bitmap image  KBs to GBs**

 Bitmap image at 300 dpi
  3x5" print    4MB
  8x10" print  20MB

  DVD           4GB
  Blu-ray      25GB+
  3D Blu-ray   50GB+

 Video         5 to 100MB per minute***

 ** depends on amount of data,
    complexity of drawing or
    size and resolution of image

 *** depends on resolution
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Because larger, high-resolution assets are required to make that technical leap worth it, the top file size will be passed on to all users.
Large virus definition file sizes can drain a companys network and lead to latency issues.
As far as file size is concerned, a high-quality Direct Stream Digital sound file that's at 305MB can be scaled down to just 40MB using the end-to-end technology of MQA without losing a single bit of quality from the 'compression.
jpeg extension reduces file size based on lossy compression is through the File and Save for Web option (figure 4-28).
By performing different compression tests I found that 10:1 was the best compression ratio in terms of visual result and file size.
File size is the amount of storage space the image will require.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" will be released for the Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks, and many are wondering about the game's file size.
Increased file size limit for any supporting plans customers attach to online applications for a SIM or OS2.
The only disadvantage is that it groups very similar colored pixels into a single color, which helps make such a small file size but causes what is known as lossy compression.
Compression is a mathematical process by which the file size is reduced in order to save space and deliver the video quicker via limited bandwidth.
Accurate representation is in the eye of the beholder; the resolution and file size limitations dictated by intended Web use are not the same as those demanded by activities such as conservation assessment (Frey, 1997) (http://lcweb2.